Thursday, September 5, 2013

Analysis Heroes of Order, Chaos for iOS and Android

Author: Mackintosh

The launch of MOBA Heroes of Order & Chaos by Gamelof for iOS and Android devices we love but not surprised. It is true. Gameloft loves us because even though we are all aware versioning engaged with another big name titles large platforms calls and give thousands of users the ability to enjoy the same gameplay but our portable devices, it is certain that they do so well and are of such quality titles, which, as I say, we are delighted.
When Gameloft Order & Chaos published last year, smiled pleasantly to discover that it could play a traditional MMORPG World of Warcraft type in our iPads, Android tablets and mobile Smartphone. And see that we\'ve taken hours!
But as a final joke, Gameloft is launching a second twist from its flag MMORPG called Order & Chaos Heroes of no longer an entirely inspired MOBA initiated gender DOTA and League of Legends as a major exponent today.
In Heroes of Order & Chaos find all the clichés of a genre very defined, ie is an action-strategy title cooperative where take control of a hero with a range of skills and attributes that evolves along the game leveling up and assigning points to various attacks, four in total: the Q, W, E, R to League of Legends, Q, W, E, DOTA, etc ...
Heroes of Order & Chaos
As expected, we will have a huge initial cast of heroes to choose from, including six free weekly rotating basis with the option, of course, buy real money those that we like to use them at all times. Currently, there is a good amount of heroes available: about 20, but we hope that as in other games of this style, begin to incorporate new.
A new offering Heroes of Order & Chaos over his older brothers is that here it is clear what each hero: Guardian (a sort of tank), Mage (AoE), Barbarian (melee) and support (healing and support). These functions were implicit in other games, but there\'s no doubt you are even closely related talents. These are some skills on the user and not the hero that enhance certain aspects of our heroes as physical damage or regeneration barbarians Life Points in support. These talents branches, therefore, are specific for each class and each tier is unlockable by a total of four and 13 skills, each with varying levels between 1, 3 or 5.
Of course, there are objects that build the known builds that will be purchased with money earned by ending ... yes, minions.
This brings us to explain the game modes and maps. Heroes of Order & Chaos offers two cooperative multiplayer maps 3vs3 and 5vs5 with the option to play them solo filling the gaps with CPU controlled players. This is the best way, obviously, to learn in the early stages of the game especially if you are not typical of this genre. If you are, everything is perfectly recognizable.
The gameplay not be surprised: you reach the enemy base through interconnected hallways jungle and end it. Among both bases: turrets, NPC enemies (minions) and the opposing team. The 3v3 map, Border Skirmish is more accessible but the strength is called Crack Sinskald 5vs5 with its river in the middle of the map to DOTA by which, as a curiosity, at times flying over a globe with a seller of items: A nod to the vendors along DOTA map that does not exist in League of Legends.

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