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Brave Tales – A Never-Ending Role-Playing Adventure

Author: Mary Chyrvonaya
A chance to leave mark in the world\'s history…
Not of the World, but of the Patchworld.
From the very first seconds you understand: it will be very hot in Brave Tales! As if the last warning to all cowards saying 'leave while you still can', a brutal warrior with a giant sword appears on the screen during loading. One brave click transfers you into a parallel, imagined or non-existent (name it as you like) world, Patchworld. Long long ago, the Creator ‘sewed\' together patches of various worlds to create this mosaic-like reality.
 First, you get into the Trade Camp, where a group of brave men lives. There are five main characters you can play with - the Warrior, the Archer, the Healer, the Rogue and the Animalist. Each has a name and a story evolving through the game. But what\'s more important - they all have unique skills, weapons and outfit to make every battle unforgettable. You\'ll also meet a few good guys that do not participate in fights (except when held captive or in need of protection): Kenneth, Douargh, Bamul and Faust. By the way, not all of them are humans! That\'s where fantasy cuts its way through the realistic ‘all flesh and blood\' plot. Bamul is a semi-ogre and Faust is a satyr, and their only mission is to occasionally get into trouble, make you laugh with hilarious remarks and keep the story going.
 As plain as a daylight. All fights and battles take place in dense primeval woods. The controls are handy and easy-to-use. Every move is made with your mouse, clicking and dragging are two techniques used in game to attack, escape, heal and damage. This simplicity allows players to stay focused on eliminating their enemies, and not on remembering which button or combo to press.
  One\'s as good as none. Though there are solitary missions where a character has to fight alone, you\'re far more often offered to select 2 or 3 characters to play with. One can switch between them during battles, choosing the best positions and opportunely using their combat talents. For example, you can protect the most vulnerable character, Healer, placing him as far from violent fighting as possible. The Archer, capable of damaging her opponents at long distances, can also be put aside from the battle\'s epicenter. That doesn\'t work for the rest of characters, however. Although, this flaw is generously compensated with multiple combat talents.
 I have the power! All brave men possess unique combat powers, allowing them to fight more efficiently. They can be activated for energy points, and need some time to restore after being used. The Warrior can strike knockout blows, the Archer - discharge poisoned arrows, the Rogue - throw knives, and those are only few of the available talents range. My personal favorite is the Animalist\'s Fox or Wolf form that turns him into wolf or fox, correspondingly. And no full moon is required! Apart from substantial damage done to the enemies, it looks very cool and showy. My personal deep bow to the Avallon Alliance, the developer of Brave Tales!
 Actually, there\'s something about all playing characters except Arthur, the Warrior. For some unknown reason, the protagonist gets completely lost to the view when compared with the rest of brave men. No matter which level he has, the other four fight better. And that\'s a bit disappointing!
 Enemy or Foe. Each time brave men have to slay different monsters - either savage Brownies willing to strike brave heroes with their peaks, or man-eating Bears spectacularly rolling out of the bushes to scratch human beings, or other creatures unseen before. They all grow more dangerous with each mission, but the brave warriors can (and, moreover, must!) also be upgraded.
 Victors always get the trophy. The more enemies your hero destroys, the more Experience points he gets. These are used to raise character\'s level and improve his skills, such as Power, Health, Evasion, Speed, Accuracy, Armor, Bleed, Regeneration and many-many others. Not enough? Then add here various items found on the battlefield, like keys from the Chests with useful things. Depending on the type of chest - Common, Uncommon or Rare - one can get some common items (Camping spoon, Wooden ball), uncommon weapons (Guard\'s helmet, Sword, Rapier, Fox or Wolf fur, etc.) or rare outfit (Brigand\'s mask).
 Here comes another cherry on the Brave Tales\' cake. No RPG can do without character upgrades, and, thank God, this one isn\'t an exception! All those items you find and get after missions are the key to your next victory. Use them wisely to make an invincible strongman, agile and elusive fighter, or powerful healer out of your character, improving only those skills you want.
 Not Gollum, but Golem. Another source of infinite character upgrade is a mute Golum, designed to forge new items. As a limited number of objects can be taken to the battle by each character, and sooner or later every player runs out of Inventory slots (filled with the found items), everybody is advised to use Forging/Craft option. By combining three items of the same rarity class, one can create entirely new, more powerful weapons, outfits and artifacts.
 Money Can buy it. Some words about in-game currency. In the Patchworld, Supplies and Gold are circulating. The player can spend it to unlock items, buy energy, add slots to Inventory and get anything he wants without waiting. One can also use one currency to replenish another.
  Summing it all up, one must admit that strategy is a MUST when you play Brave Tales. Only thinking few steps ahead, you\'ll be able to win all battles, easily capture new territories and obtain dividends in form of supplies.
 If you\'re into matching games or puzzles, then choose another game - Brave Tales is an outright RPG, where only your combat and strategic skills matter. Yep, the game is all about battles, but we like it for that!
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