Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Plants vs Zombies

Author: rsgold616

The aim of the game is to get its own house (on the left side of the screen) to defend against a horde coming from the right zombies by a defense of different defensive plants and fungi is built in the front yard, back yard and on the roof, which then attack the invading enemies .The placing of plant costs sunlight that falls from the sky on the one hand, on the other hand, gw2 gold generated by sunflowers and mushrooms and must be collected in both cases by the player. In the original, released for the PC version are a total of 49 different plant and fungal species, in order to survive against 26 different enemy types, so can be used around only at night fungi, some plants are only suitable for the pool levels in the backyard.
The central game mode is adventure and consists of 50 consecutive levels , the first in the front yard and the back yard - and eventually play on the roof of the house - each day and night. Through the levels to Crazy Dave (in the German version of Crazy Dave ), a neighbor, on the one hand gives tips to the player and the other in the trunk of his car runs a shop in which the player can stock up with various extensions, which he with zombies dropped coins paid. Also during the game new plant types and game modes are always enabled, it applies to the last level, against the final boss Dr Zomboss to exist. Following the adventure mode can also be played again on a higher difficulty level in addition to numerous other game modes, with three of the available plants will be selected randomly by Dave and hence a smaller number of slots available for your own plants.
Another game mode is initially mini-games, 20 mini games such as bowling nut, Beghouled (a bejeweled version) and the Hau Zombie (a variation on the Whac-A-Mole game contains). Some of these games are also part of the adventure mode. For the Apple iPad released version also contains the game Buttered Popcorn.
In addition, the modes exist puzzles and survival ; former, each containing 10 levels of games Vasebreaker and I, Zombie , the latter is playable after completion of Adventure mode Cheap Runescape Gold  and consists of a further 10 levels in which the player several rounds in a row with the same defense must survive. The existence of this level eventually turned the game mode survival (endless) free, in which an arbitrarily large number of rounds can be played with the same defense.
Also, after playing through the adventure mode is Zen Garden unlocked in which the player can breed plants, now have occasionally dropped the zombies and generate more if cared for coins that can be plugged into extensions for the garden again in turn. In addition, the player can make a tree of wisdom grow, the numerous tips about the game and some cheat codes have the ready.
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In Europe, the DS version is on 15 Published April 2011. A slightly abridged version of the DS version was released on 6 May 2011 as DSiWare in Europe. On 21, February 2012 published a version of the developer PopCap Games for thePlayStation Vita. The sequel to Plants vs Zombies 2 on 15 Published August 2013.

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