Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Scifi Title Screen 8

Screen for your Sci Fi game. File jpg 800 x 480 px.

Scifi Title Screen 7

Screen for your Sci Fi game. File png 800 x 480 px.

Scifi Title Screen 6

Screen for your Sci Fi game. File png 800 x 480 px.

Scifi Title Screen 5

Screen for your Sci Fi game. File png 800 x 480 px.

Scifi Title Screen 4

Screen for your Sci Fi game. File png 800 x 480 px.

Scifi Title Screen 3

Screen for your Sci Fi game. File png 800 x 480 px.

Scifi Title Screen 2

Screen for your Sci Fi game. File png 800 x 480 px.

Scifi Title Screen 1

Screen for your Sci Fi game. File png 800 x 480 px.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Pc Strategy Games

Author: Tahsin Gürdal
There are many strong areas in these games that can help you in your life as well. So playing the best strategy games is not only important for kids and growing age children but also very important for the adults and even old age people. In these games you have to make strategies regarding military, social, political and economical issues that you face in your game. By choosing the strategy you can make yourself a conqueror or a friendly neighbor. So it all depends on you.
There are many best strategy games available in the market, so you have to pick the one that feels you more attractive. The best game that is very much popular among the games lover is Civilization V. This is a game in which the players are guided about the human race starting from ancient times till today and even beyond that. It is one of the finest strategy games, in which you have to start with nothing on your hand and then move to become a global power.

More imagination and hours of fun, please be sure to follow!
Every newbie asks a question about best games for pc before purchasing a licensed game. Yes, it is right to ask as all games are not affordable and if you are looking for best games then you may even need to pay higher. You have landed the right page and here you will be able to know about some of the secrets to pick the right game for yourself or your child.
Gaming market is full of fresh and old games but out of all odds; the two entertaining and thrilling action games that one should not ever miss are Grand Theft Auto and Mafia.  Well, this is not a recommendation for those who don\'t love to play action games. But if they wish to try; it is sure that soon they will be addict. These games represent a combination of thrill, action, puzzle, drama and mystery. And this is all what a gaming addict looks for.
But if you are searching for best games for pc in racing niche then you must purchase 'Need for Speed' series. You will not be able to realize if you are playing it on your pc or driving crazy on your roads. There is a series of this game but the most thrilling was 'Underground'. On the same page, if you love to enjoy puzzle, competition and action on the same pitch then don\'t miss MOHA, Call of Duty and Commandos. These three are the best games for pc with a true combination of thrill, action and puzzle.

In fact, it will attract attention to other details, please refer to the suggestions!

There are lots of video games being played around the world but the attraction and acceptance that the strategy war gamesprovide to its users are unmatched. These are the games that keep your interest level high in the game and make you think of various strategies to succeed. In these games the players have to adopt different strategies to beat the opponent in every field. You can play these games on PC as well as on the latest gaming devices like, play station and Xbox.
These games are very much addictive in nature and you can see that not only children but the young and old people are also involved into playing these games on regular basis. The strategy war games are said to be very beneficial for growing children because this is a good activity and can help in developing their mind because they have to think of best possible strategies. As these games are equally popular in all age people so you can see that the sale of these games has risen to the highest level as compare to other games.
Some of the most popular strategy war games that people mostly love to play is Star craft I, and Star craft II. Other then these there are many other games too, which you can select according to your interest.  You can enjoy these games with your family and friends and can compete with them by playing together. So enjoy these strategy war games and develop your mind at making good strategies.
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About the Author
Pc strategy games, is the rapidly developing field of interest as well as its place in the current technological step-by-step strategy game now emerges as top online games.
Our aim is to popularize the culture of the people and told them as much as we play, to help. Best regards thick.

Bejeweled elements - background and "chess" map

If you needed to make a Bejeweled game - here it's few elements. This is background and "chess" map – I included this colours, but you can also just replace.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bejeweled gems set 2 

Bejeweled gems 2 are set of 72 sprites, suitable for popular  jigsaws puzzle games, can be used to match the skills in your game. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Bejeweled gems set

Here are some gems for your games ideas. This set contains 22 gems as separate png items at 64x64 px. Enjoy!

Different Types Of Browser Based Games

Author: geomathews

Addictive and fun-filled web-based games are generally inviting distractions from the stress that is gathering to people in their day-to-day lives. These pursuits provide the well-deserved break for the people and the best thing about free browser based games is that as per their name, they are offered as a free means to people for entertaining themselves. Also, they can be played at any time via the computer with internet connection. In most of the cases, they can be played without installing any additional software program to the system. Generally, websites providing this facility of playing has categorized their collection under different categories and the details in this respect are given below:

Puzzles: Puzzle games can also be called as brain teasers and if an individual is in need of some sort of distraction from the hectic work and if he is in need of a down-time, the best thing he can do is to select one under this category and can enjoy a relaxing time. As he will have to fully use his brain in the process, he can relax and rejuvenate himself and then can engage in his work. People of any age group can play them and there is no requirement that children alone should use them for entertainment purpose.

For children: There are some websites, where there will be games specially meant for kids. In addition to providing the right kind of entertainment to kids, these alternatives are known to promote their mental and physical development as well. Even there are educational based games and parents can make their small kids to play these alternatives, which will enable them to gain overall physical and mental development.

Action: Even though, girls are attracted mostly towards puzzle and brain teasers, most of the boys look for action games that are filled with fight sequences and firing. Even though, these alternatives are known to cause ill effects on the overall development of small kids, adults can enjoy these action sequences and can also make their kids to play them under their supervision. Here, parents should be careful about making their children to play these games for sometimes only. Then, they can be made to play puzzles.

Sports: While some kids love puzzle and action, there are also some children and adults, who have great craze towards sports. They like to play free browser based games like cricket and soccer and here they can find their favorite cricketers in cartoon format.

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About the Author
Games.vibrant3g allows you to enter into a world of free browser based games. For all game lovers this is the best place to enjoy the most fabulous, newest games which you had never been played before. We shall provide you the free MMORPGs, online multiplayer games for free and mobile multiplayer games. So, don\'t waste your time just visit us online.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Horisontal Scroller Nature Background

Here’s a free background for your horisontal scroller game project. This nature background in size 3200x480 px contains mountains, rocks, trees. It is free and will help you to improve your game.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Steampunk Mortar elements

Few elements from Steampunk Mortar. Cannon, gun-carriage, cannon sight, mechanical circles, background. Use them for free in your games.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Steampunk Mortar


This is a fun game for every ages, as there are basically no complicated rules involved. Use mortar to pop the targets. Move the mouse to control the direction, and press the left mouse button to shoot.

How to make an intriguing online contest

Author: kannav joshi

Online contests are the strongest aspect of brand placement and social media marketing. They invite huge web traffic and contribute in the popularity of the site/company/product. For it, these should be intriguing and eye-catchy along with being precise. Planning in the ideation stages is the key to a successful online contest for reaping in the future benefits. Designing and conceptualizing these Indian online contests, you need a clear vision and comprehensive mission which does not got deviated or lost in the later stages.
This is the broader outline but, planning takes place at both micro and macro level so highest degree of precision is the requisite. This is where you need to paint the canvas with your creativity and enthusiasm. Few easy yet effective guidelines listed here will take off the burden from you to plan and execute efficiently. Stick through to know more:
  • Conceptualize idea- First and foremost, you need to decide on the main idea or concept behind planning to launch an online contest to play and win prizes easily. If you are clear with your idea, you will be in a better position to take things forward systematically.
  • Chalk out an action plan- Once you are set with your idea (website traffic, product promotion, advertisement etc), move on to formulation of an action plan. It will be a broad outline of goals and objectives to be achieved, things to be done in that front, resources to be gathered, target audience, approach, among other aspects. This will work as a guide to your process.
  • Gather resources- You are done with your planning stage and is time to move forward. Get into arranging resources that will support your working, publicity, promotion etc. For instance, talk to affiliates if any, gather the cash prize amounts, arrange for a shipping company, recruit people who will work towards making an interesting online contest to win gold coin in India.
  • Technical Setup- Technology is the prerequisite of any internet contest and you need to have strong and well managed software that would run it. A good software is one that maintains a record of participants, personal information of candidates, rules and regulations, terms and conditions of the contest. Visitors should be greeted with a clean, well placed website when they come to participate in your contests.
  • Pilot run- After all this labor and hard work, it\'s the testing time. You need to put your contest live and see the results. A great contest is one with least glitches and huge list of participants. Keep a close check on the flaws, drawbacks or issues in the online contest to win gold coins live. The test run will give you a fair idea of as to where you stand, your progress and flaws of the software.
  • Successful tabulation- Now that things are set, contest is live and users are flowing in, it\'s time for progress. Tabulate the information of participants, results, registrations, dispatched items et al. This will boost your authenticity and you will be in an excellent position to defend your contest process on demand.
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About the Author
Loot100 is the most trustworthy portal for online contests to win prizes in the country. The interesting blend of catchy contest to win gold coins online, authenticated prize giving and payment mechanism make it the most favored portal.


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